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I received an email earlier today that contained a link to a Youtube video. This video was about a guy that showed up at an Obama victory rally and tried to express his “Freedom of Speech”. Here’s the full lenth video.

He was carrying a toy sword in his shirt, and this may have been why he was asked to leave. Still worse though he went there to express his opinion, and was going about it all wrong. He was actually arrested for not following the order to leave, but the cops never bothered to take the toy sword from him (It gets stolen by one of the Obama’s supporter during the video). Unfortunately, we don’t see what he actually did to be asked to leave, all we see is the police forcing him around and finally handcuffing the guy. They even hit the guy holding the camera at one point who was just a bystander to the event. At any rate, this kind of thing is becoming more and more a reality as the powers that be push their ideas and concepts on us and the rest of the world.

Sadly, there are a ton of idiots out there that voted for Obama, with no real clue what Obama stands for. I talked to a bunch of people who voted for Obama and none of them really had a clue what Obama stood for. Mainly their answers were “Obama will end the war in Iraq”. Even worse, Howard Stern decided to put this “Obama” craze to the test. Here’s what he found out about people voting for Obama.

Take note that they switched up Obama’s and McCain’s concepts to put these people on the spot. Unfortunately, these same people voted for Obama even when they had no real clue what Obama stands for at all.

Think about it, all these people who voted for Obama are clueless to what Obama really stands for, and still they voted for him because he was “Black” or because he stated he would end the war in Iraq. Get ready folks, Obama has made it clear if anything happens to America he will stand with the Muslims, don’t believe me, go read the books he wrote. I’m willing to bet most of the people who voted for Obama never even bothered to read up on him or his writings before hand.

One last thing… Obama has made it real clear that he loves the idea of a “North American Union”, but plays dumb when ever he gets questioned about it on national television. So I am willing to bet we’ll soon be in it as far as Obama is concerned. Besides, those people that failed to see what Obama stands for and went ahead and voted for him because he’ll end the war in Iraq are all convinced Obama will “Change” America. Granted I feel America has long needed a change, but I don’t think Obama’s idea of change is what America actually needs. He also supports the concept of “Partial Birth Abortions”, something gruesome and disgusting to snuff out a life before its even born.

This is all I have left to say, Obama clearly wants to go to war with Afganistan as well as dealing with Iran. The future of America is looking more and more grim by the minute as the days continue to expire. Soon all that is left to be done is to start marking people, a mark many people may take just as quickly as they voted for Obama without a clue as to what it all really means.

May God end this madness soon!