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A good friend of mine sent me a youtube video concerning a possible food poisoning of Melamine and other toxins in various candies produced in China. After watching the video I decided to take yet another look thru all the candy my daughter had gotten for Halloween, and was shocked to discover over 50% of her candy was labeled as “Made In China”. I even went as far as to look up a few of the other candies, most of which were marked as, “Made for: some company” and found out that they were actually imported from China. SO… I promptly threw all the candy away, and decided to write this blog about it. Now, I already went off about those cheap Happy Meal toy’s McDonalds gives out concerning a light in their toys (Made in China no less), but now it seems over 75% of the candy my child received for Halloween was made in China.

Why in the hell is everything being imported from China? Is America so bad off that we can’t even produce our own candy and foods now? It’s one thing to buy cheap Chinese made electronics, but now a days it seems nearly everything is imported from China. No wonder we have so many unemployed people these days, all the jobs are being removed and replaced by oversea’s made imported crap. Economic troubles got you down? Blame these companies that import, with all this importing from China nothing seems to be made in America any more, and why should it when the companies can pay pennies for cheap crap and keep a small staff on hand to deal with this crap’s distribution? I think all Americans need to know which companies actually import this crap, and perhaps boycott them until they change their ways (Not that they would, every toy coming out of McDonald’s is made in china). As for other complaints, the FDA has failed to release any data concerning these products, products which more than likely contain Melamine and other harmful toxins from products made in China.

I’ll start gathering up a list of all these cheap skate companies that import crap from China, and post another blog for my readers. Even people in other countries should be aware of this risk of food poisoning (Most other countries have already started recalling these things), so I’ll get the list up as soon as I can. The sooner people realize this problem, the sooner people can speak out against this serious health issue. I’ve embedded the actual video from youtube below so you all can watch it and see what you think. Comments are highly welcomed, and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about this problem.

Here’s a few links with more information concerning this Melamine food poisoning issue from powdered milk products from China.
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That’s just a few I’ve read, but if you want to learn more simply Google, “made in china candy food safety” and you’ll get over 265,000 hits for it concerning this issue. As for me and my family, we’ve stopped buying China’s crappy toys and other merchandise for some time now, but in light of this new concern, we’ll start examining foods we buy to make sure we aren’t buying things imported from China. Maybe some day China will get its act together, but my main concern is whether the FDA will see to it that these products are properly tested and if needed removed from our stores shelves for America’s sake.



My daughter got one of the new Spiderwick toys from McDonalds today , and to my amazement the toy had a built in laser pointer.  It also came with a viewfinder – monocule type piece of plastic thru which the child can use to look thru at the laser pointer to see a special image.   Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t most laser pointer’s come with warning labels laser-warning.gif not to look directly at the laser?  Also, why would we allow our kids to think looking directly at a laser is a good thing?  Wouldn’t this lead to them looking at other things, which we know are dangerous to our eyes?  To add insult to injury, this hazardous piece of merged plastic and laser was made in China, a place known for using paints that contain lead , which has been determined to be a cause of cancer.

posion.jpg  McDonalds,  I suggest you recall these toys, or else you’ll have another “Coffee burning lawsuit” on your hands.  Imagine if some kid did in fact do damage to their eyes with this toy? 

 We all know McDonald’s uses China because China sells cheap crap (Chinese worker’s opinion of Americans buying cheap crap).  Pehaps we as Americans step up and stop buying from McDonalds in boycott.  I wonder how long it would take for McDonald’s to wake up and realize their mistakes.  

As for me, I will never purchase anything from McDonald’s again until they have corrected their ways.


As the commentor has suggested, a bright LED is one thing, but weren’t we taught not to look directly into any kind of light as a kid?  Maybe I have overly protective parents, but having a toy that requires a child to look directly into a light, laser, whatever seems kinda pointless to me.  Thanks for the input though, but I will continue to teach my child not to look directly into any kind of light.  Sunlight or otherwise…